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About Us - Banner Witcoff
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Intellectual Property Law: Counseling, Licensing, Litigation & Procurement

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About Us

Banner & Witcoff is dedicated to excellence in the specialized practice of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, computer, franchise and unfair competition law. The firm actively engages in the procurement, enforcement and litigation of intellectual property rights throughout the world, including all federal and state agencies, and the distribution of such rights through licensing and franchising. The firm has more than 100 attorneys and agents in its Chicago, Washington, Boston and Portland offices.

The client base of the firm is broad, in terms of number of clients, client size, geographical distribution of clients and technologies represented. Our attorneys help clients solve complex legal problems whose technical subject matter ranges from automotive manufacturing to lasers, from custom catalysts for petrochemical processes to genetically engineered pharmaceuticals, and from consumer electronics to computer control of medical devices. The firm applies a pragmatic, business-like approach to each client’s intellectual property matters in an effort to obtain results consistent with each client’s business objectives.

The firm has successfully represented clients in numerous landmark cases, including several renowned intellectual property decisions in the United States Supreme Court. The firm has also conducted litigation and Patent Office proceedings in every significant industrial country.

Welcome from the President
The lawyers of Banner & Witcoff have enjoyed serving leading innovators from around the world since 1920. more »
Representative Reported Decisions
Banner & Witcoff attorneys have litigated hundreds of intellectual property cases throughout the federal and state court systems since the 1930s. more »
Commitment to Diversity
At Banner & Witcoff we believe that people with diverse experiences produce creative thinking, multiple perspectives on issues, and innovative problem-solving techniques in the practice of intellectual property law. more »
Pro Bono
Banner & Witcoff is sensitive to the needs of the communities in which our attorneys and staff live and work. We recognize that the provision of legal services can be important to charitable organizations, foundations and individuals who often cannot afford them. more »
Honors & Rankings
Banner & Witcoff is proud to highlight recent recognition and selected awards recognizing our commitment to excellence in the field of intellectual property law. more »
For more than 95 years, Banner & Witcoff has been committed to excellence in protecting and defending intellectual property rights for our clients. more »
We employ more than 100 attorneys & patent agents in our four offices: Chicago, Washington, Boston, and Portland. more »