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12.02.20 | Agreement Form Deutsch

Other sugars, including chemically pure lactose, maltose, glucose and fructose, in solid form; sugar syrups without the addition of flavourings or dyes; artificial honey, even mixed with natural honey; caramel; maple sugar and maple syrup; For animal feed Existing tariff quotas for the importation of 600 tonnes of pork, 800 tonnes of poultry meat and 900 tonnes of beef, as listed in Schedule II of the agreement in the form of an exchange of letters between the European Union and the Kingdom of Norway signed on 15 April 2011 (`2011` as the `2011 agreement`), are not affected by the implementation of a possible future WTO agricultural agreement. Point 7 of the 2011 agreement is therefore removed. residues from starch and starch production as well as similar residues, beet pulps, bagasses and other waste from the manufacture of sugar, brewing or distilling waste and waste, including pellets; residues from starch production and other similar residues; for food purposes Potatoes. maple sugar in solid form, with the addition of flavourings or dyes for feeding ioscores (Dioscorea spp.), not intended for animal feed, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, even sliced or pellet-shaped The rules of origin applicable to the implementation of The Concessions under Appendix I to IV of this agreement are listed in Schedule IV of the agreement in the form of a letter exchange of 2 May 1992 (hereafter referred to as the 1999 agreement2). However, Appendix II of Protocol 4 of the EEA Agreement applies in place of Schedule IV of the 1992 agreement. Agreement in the form of letter exchange between the European Union and the Kingdom of Norway on additional trade preferences for agricultural products Contracting parties agree to exchange periodic information on traded products, management of tariff quotas, price offers and all useful information on their respective national markets and the implementation of the outcome of these negotiations. I am honoured to confirm that the Kingdom of Norway agrees with the content of this letter. sounds, sharps and other residues, even in the form of pellets, obtained from sight, grinding or other grain or legumes: cassava, arrow root, salep, Jerusalem arstilles, sweet potatoes and roots and tubers similarly high in starch or inulin, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, even sliced or granulated; sago pith; yams (Dioscorea spp.); not for pet food, whey and modified whey; in the form of powder, granules or other solid forms, without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners, with a “nitrogen content × 6.38” protein content of < – 15% in weight and a fat content of < – 1.5%, the parties will continue to strive to consolidate all bilateral concessions (concessions already in force and those provided for in this agreement) in a new exchange of letters.