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12.06.20 | Cox Carriage Agreement

The agreement further expands accN`s reach and complements existing car contracts with DirecTV, Google Fiber, Hulu Live TV, Optimum, PlayStation Vue, Spectrum, Suddenlink, TVision, Verizon Fios and YouTube. The agreement means that fans of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) of American college sport can access the multiplatform network in all Cox markets. From 2005 to 2010, Charter Communications did not carry the network to its systems in Louisiana, although there was a horse-drawn carriage contract when the chain was launched in 2002. For this reason, Hornets games were not available during this period for people who lived outside the New Orleans metropolitan area. In 2008, Cox and Charter negotiated a proposal to allow three games of Hornets on the original local channels, which were operated by Charter prior to this year`s NBA All-Star Game, precursors to a deal, but the talks ended without a contract. Their contracts are expiring because Dish has made the deal it had with Northwest. The 14 stations it lost two months ago were working on a contract that Dish had negotiated with Cox Media before being sold to Apollo. (Cox Media, however, continues to serve as a channel management team.) The deal for holding group RSNs, which currently works independently of Disney and Sinclair, comes shortly after a new long-term car renewal with Charter. However, sales on the Dish Network were halted in July and there were no further updates regarding an agreement with the Colorado-based satellite provider. Cox Communications said it has entered into a long-term promotional agreement with Fox Corp., which covers its channels and information and sports networks. CMG strives to conclude with DISH a fair contract conclusion for the broadcasting of all CMG stations, including those that DISH has jeopardized in its litigation. CMG hopes that the satellite channel will abandon its tried-and-tested path of obscuring television channels at the expense of its viewers in favour of sound negotiations that are beneficial to all parties.

CMG has asked DISH to accept market conditions for the transport of all CMG stations it carries and to continue transporting the stations under a temporary transport agreement. DISH refused several times and tried to use the dishes to avoid serving its customers. In addition, DISH made a weak and dishonest offer of a temporary transportation contract that attempted to nullify what the court clearly ruled that DISH was not entitled to it. The two companies agreed on a seven-day ceasefire on October 1, when the old promotion pact was due to expire. This set the stage for a new showdown last night, but last night`s channels warned Dish subscribers that the deadline had been extended to October 15. “Cox Communications` strong presence in the most important markets in the CCA`s entire footprint makes this agreement ideal for its consumers and a vibrant fan community,” said Sean Breen, senior vice president at Disney Media Distribution. “With more than 30 football games remaining this season, Cox subscribers will receive the ACC network to host overdrive.” ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE) –Today, a ruling in a federal court in Illinois ended DISH`s recent ill-advised efforts to avoid a fair market promotion agreement for Cox Media Group (CMG) television channels.