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12.08.20 | Fidic License Agreement

Filigrane Contracts and Agreements Collection Electronic Version In the case of FIDIC contracts and agreements, FIDIC aims to ensure a fair and fair terms of the treaty by guaranteeing the integrity of its publications. The right is therefore recognized to the authorized purchaser or user of a FIDIC contract or contract: the latest agreements are available in print or electronic form – Simply sign up on of your account and select Windows/Linux or Mac in the download column. Under the agreement, fidic granted the World Bank a non-exclusive license to refer to the six major FIDIC contracts for the projects they finance (see list in the explanatory notes), and the documents are used as part of the Bank`s standard offer documents. The contracts mainly cover the FIDIC 2017 contracts of the second edition, which cover a wide range of international construction and infrastructure work, and the World Bank stage is an important support to the contracts of a major international financing organization. Fidic also expects to be able to announce a similar agreement with other multilateral development banks. FIDIC regularly updates and redeploys the information and services it publishes to enable users to benefit from the state of the art. By providing information or providing publications, FIDIC does not grant any intellectual property rights The purchase or provision of FIDIC information, including completion forms by a user, does not confer any rights on the author. Therefore, this information cannot be published or copied as translations without FIDIC`s consent. FIDIC advises 12th place on any changes to the information and services it makes available and will only allow changes, copies or initiations in exceptional cases. Permission to integrate, reproduce or copy, in whole or in part, a FIDIC publication, including documents, contractual terms, websites and similar media, should be addressed to the FIDIC secretariat, which decides on the appropriate conditions. A licence to establish an amended publication is agreed under certain conditions. In particular, the amended publication can only be intended for internal purposes and cannot be published or marketed.

For large business transactions, users rely on the content of FIDIC publications, including FIDIC contracts and agreements. The use of authentic publications is therefore essential to safeguarding their interests. FIDIC advises 20th place on changes to its publications and will only approve changes, copies or facilities in exceptional cases. Permission to reproduce in the harmonized construction contract: in order to improve the quality of our documents, we recommend that buyers and users of our documents send their comments to the Fidic secretariat in order to improve the quality of our documents. Unless otherwise stated, the services and information provided on the FIDIC website are intended for personal and non-commercial use. Users are allowed not to edit, copy, distribute, broadcast, view, perform, reproduce, publish, publish, publish, concede, create, transfer or sell derivative works. By accessing, browsing and/or using the fidic website, a user acknowledges that they have read, understood and accepted these conditions. FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) has reached an important agreement with the World Bank, which provides that the international funding organization will take over the use of six FIDIC standard contracts over the next five years. Just go and log in to your account. If you don`t have an account yet, click “Create a New Account.” If you`ve forgotten your current password, click “Forgotten Password.” FIDIC reserves all ownership rights to fidic-owned designs used by FIDIC (called “Logos” overall).