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12.11.20 | Launceston Church Grammar School (Teachers) Enterprise Agreement

TE1363 – Commissioner J.P. McAlpine – December 13, 2004 s.61J Enterprise Agreement – Ron Gee Enterprises Pty Ltd and collaborators in C13, C12, C11 and C10 – Ron Gee Enterprises Zinifex Hobart Site Agreement 2004 – Operational Agreement October 22, 2004 for a three-year period T11612 – Commissioner P.J. McAlpine – August 9, 2004 s55 Industrial Contract – The Australian Workers` Union, Tasmania Branch and Statewide Plantation Services Pty Ltd – Statewide Plantation Services Pty Ltd Silviculture and Afforestation Industrial Agreement 2003 – Operational Agreement August 5, 2004 – remains until August 31, 2003. May in 2005 – forwarded to registrar for registration TE1358 – Commissioner T.J. Abey – September 3, 2004 s61J Enterprise Agreement – Graham G Gane and Sharee G Burgess as Gane`s Marine Towing Service and The Full-Time Casual or Employees employed as Casual Deck Hand , Deckhand, Casual Skipper and Skipper – The Gane`s Marine Towing Service Enterprise Agreement 2004 – approved agreement – operational August 9, 2004 – 3 years “Your salaries cannot be compared to other independent, Catholic or state schools and they want to be consulted before changes are made.” The amending guidelines that have been given by the board of directors to the principal are already going beyond what the school has ever accomplished. “As a result of recent changes, we are achieving the best academic and sporting results in the school`s history, the number of students has increased and our enrolments have already increased by 6%.” TE1357 – Vice President P.C. Shelley – December 10, 2004 s61J Enterprise Agreement – G A Oliver trading as Well Bread Pty Ltd and All Employees, casual, part-time and full-time, under this agreement – Andy`s Bakery Enterprise Agreement 2004 – Approved Agreement – Operational 8/12/04 for a three-year period T11472 – Vice President Shelley – May 24, 2004 s5 Industrial Contract – Unimin Lime Tasmania Pty Ltd and Construction, Forestry, Bergbau- und EnergieUnion und Mole Creek Worksite-Mitarbeiter – Unimin Lime Tasmania Ltd – CFMEU (Tasmanian Branch), and Employees Enterprise Agreement No. 7 – 2003 – Agreement approved – operational 8 December 2003 for a period of three years – forwarded to registrar for registration T11504 – Commissioner J.P. McAlpine – 22 June 2004 s 5 Industrial Agreement – Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union and Australian Liquor Marketers Pty Ltd ABN 52,002 885 645 – Australian Liquor Marketers Australian Services Union Agreement 2004-2006 – Agreement approved – from 1 April 2004 – remain in effect dinner until 30 June 2006 – at The Registrar for registration TE1345 – Vice President P.C Shelley – June 23, 2004 s61J Enterprise Agreement – Launceston Preparatory School Inc. And all teachers at the school – The Launceston Preparatory School (Teachers) Enterprise Agreement 2004 – Agreement approved – July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2007 The examiner estimates that about 40 people have left school since the first semester of 2018, with a number of employees having problems with the school`s management as their main starting point. TE1370 – Vice President P.C. Shelley – November 18, 2004 s61J Enterprise Agreement – D A Patullo t/a Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital and Persons employed as Veterinary Nurses – the Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital Enterprise Agreement 2004 – Agreement approved – operative 17 November 2004 for a period of five years TE1341 – Dereput pence.C.

Shelley – June 2, 2004 s61J enterprise agreement – Delta Hydraulics Pty Ltd and The Employee Committee/Grievance/Dispute Committee, to collectively represent the workers for whom the classifications appear in the agreement – Delta Hydraulics Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement 2004/2007 – Agreement approved – 1 June 2004 operational for a period of thirty-six months T11269 – Vice-President R.J.