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12.19.20 | Tu Dresden Wiwi Learning Agreement

The Erasmus contact person can help you select the races and set up your learning agreement. As a general rule, they are the person who signs your apprenticeship agreement. During your studies, they can give you information about enrolling in the exam at the university or faculty concerned. At the end of your studies, you can help yourself with the Transcript of Records. General and additional information on study conditions Required for the Higher Education Study of Architecture Conditions of the Study Landscape Architecture Program (Bachelor) Conditions of study Landscape Architecture Program (Master) Due to the current situation related to coronavirus COVID 19, the public remains closed for the credit board for the architectural diploma. We will try to answer your requests as well as possible by email. You can In some cases, the races can be taken in English. First of all, if you intend to enroll at the University of Dresden for a master`s degree in English. In addition, projects and other contracts can be written in English when an agreement can be reached with the relevant faculty. If you intend to complete your studies in English, you must provide proof of proficiency in this B1/B2 language (excluding mother tongue). However, basic knowledge in French is highly recommended! If you wish to work one or more semesters abroad under the Erasmus programme, the consideration of benefits must be clarified by an apprenticeship contract between the TU of Dresden and the partner university before the stay abroad. The responsibility lies with the Erasmus office for each programme of study and in taking into account the services already provided under the Erasmus programmes.

Erasmus Architecture Bureau Erasmus Landscape Architecture Office Once you have received your application from the International Office, you will receive an email confirming the reception of your application and its completeness. Apprenticeship Contract Information Letter (Programming Year 2014/15) The European Commission expects that universities participating in the ERASMUS programme with participants before the start of their application process will then be forwarded to the programme coordinator of your wish, who will then review the apprenticeship agreement and make a decision on your admission to the programme. If you are approved by your desired person, the International Office will send you a letter of acceptance and the signed learning agreement. Please note that it takes about 4 weeks to process your application at the Dresden TU and can sometimes take longer. For stays abroad that will begin on January 1, 2021 and focus on the first semester, the application period will run from October 15 to November 1, 2020. More information, forms, FAQs: For more information on the programme and partner universities, please see the latest General Information Promotion of Erasmus stays abroad For delivery periods of previous internship studies and practice periods General acquisition advice advice on landscape architecture, you should generally inquire one year before the start of your stay abroad in the destination countries and possible study profiles.