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12.19.20 | Une Enterprise Agreement 2020

The most important lesson I have learned from this experience is to do everything in its power to address a decrepit membership. It was the withdrawal of members that was their greatest enemy – apart from the two tangible enemies of management and union bosses – in collective bargaining. Before this “COVID Cave-in” by the NTEU, I thought that THE members of the UNE (and non-members) would need by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 to find out who is telling them the truth and learning their lesson lesson. But the COVID`s inseception could have made such a conclusion. The 2018 enterprise agreements replace the 2014 agreements. “Negotiations” means holding discussions and real efforts to resolve disputes and reach agreement. NTEU of the University of New England are researching the campus this morning and are committed to a more collegial and transparent workplace, where management has more responsibilities to staff and students. It is part of the union`s bargaining campaign for improved employment services, change management and performance management. The NTEU also wants “better results” in terms of employment and transition to full-time work for casual workers at The Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders. This is a third round for this year`s industrial wrestling at UNE, with the Union and management each winning one. But in January, the Fair Work Commission informed management that it could not change the academic workload in an existing school simply because it was transferred to a new faculty (CMM January18). But last month, the Commission backed the administration in a case where it was about what the existing enterprise agreement should have said about fees for casual teaching professionals, contrary to what it actually did.

NTEs and casual academics who teach online at the School of Education (CMM) have been lost. (a) An agent may be invited to temporarily fill a vacant and senior position. If the officer agrees, if he performs all the duties and assumes full responsibility for the position, he is paid in addition to his normal salary. The allowance is equal to the difference between the officer`s salary and the minimum wage of the position temporarily occupied and is payable as long as the working time period applies to the following days: (a) a joint advisory committee (MCC) consisting of three university appointees and three EU nominees, one of whom may be an industrial official.